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At Home Abroad Theme Information

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Yost hallway

Welcome to Yost, the At Home Abroad House.

Do you watch Senegalese films in French, read Russian novels set in Ukraine, follow Italian fashion, listen to Arabic music, play Korean video games, or discuss Brazilian politics? Do you study or speak a language other than English? Come live abroad, right from the comfort of campus! Travel across five continents, immerse yourself in different cultures, and learn to cook food from around the world all while discovering cinema and literatures that speak of diasporic journeys, migrations, empires and post-colonial reimaginings, ethnic and national identities, and mythologies.

AHA House is an intellectual and cultural crossroads where upperclass students will engage in interactive, transcultural learning and acquire the tools necessary to confront the complexity of our contemporary world. Building on the legacies of Stanford houses that hosted language tables in French, Italian, and Russian, AHA House is a vibrant, diverse community that offers students an opportunity to explore languages and cultures beyond the English-speaking world. We welcome any and all students interested in creating a space for conversations about foreign films, music, food, and international issues.

Through activities including film series, seminars, cooking classes, language tables, resident-led events, off-campus outings, and meetings with faculty, artists, and scholars from all over the world, residents will have a chance to broaden their awareness and understanding of the incredible range of experiences, ideas, and non-English idioms that each house resident brings.