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Global Gastronomies and Multicultural Cooking Class

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This class is, quite simply, for anyone and everyone who is interested in international fare! The seasoned chef and the person who can barely use a microwave are both more than welcome to join this course. From week to week, we will explore different culinary cultures from across the world, as well as the socio-historical contexts - such as migration patterns, religious traditions, folk practices, even regional/global conflicts - which have left their lasting imprint on what people produce, consume, and enjoy. As students amass an arsenal of international recipes, they will also learn preparation skills that they can apply in a great number of dishes beyond those to be prepared in this course. If you’re interested in history, anthropology, culinary technique, and, well, eating, then this class is for you!

No prerequisites; required for pre-assigned residents of AHA; open to all interested undergraduate students. The course carries a fee of $75, which is put towards ingredients, staff time, venue space, materials, etc. If this represents a financial hardship for you, please contact instructors as soon as possible.